Solaris Lighteners

This line is exclusively sought after the industries top editorial and celebrity colorists. Solaris is a range of 6 ultra-high-tech products that provides solutions for all lightening techniques. It perfectly meets the needs of colorists with a formula developed to ensure maximum respect for the hair and the stylist.


Poudr 6 Clay Lightener

The first in it's class, free-flowing bleaching powder for all uncovered highlighting effects. When mixed with OXYCREM, the preparation become homogenous and creamy, making application easier and localized. Lifts up to six levels.


Huil 4 Oil Lightener

To create light, understated highlighting and balayage effects. Lightens a natural blondes base for the Swedish Blonde effect. Is great for breaking base colours to reduce the contrast between the base and highlighted hair. Up to four levels of lift.


Poudr 7 Compact Lightener

A Powerful multi-technique bleaching powder for foil and on the scalp applications. Compact molecules expand when mixed with OXYCREM resulting in more product per scoop and less welling during application. Lifts up to seven levels.


Crem 5 Lightening Cream

This lightening cream is mixed with Poudr 7 to create a perfect harmony of lightening on hair that has natural roots and processed ends. Up to five levels of lift.


Demaquillant Color Remover

A color remover the keeps the hairs integrity immaculate. To remove all kinds of colors, from lightest to the most intense. Demaq removes artificial pigments, unwanted tones and elimate's color overload.  A first phase must for intense color lifting.


Lait Post Lightening Milk

Essential after any kind of lightening process, its acid pH entirely neutralizes any alkaline residue. This porosity regulator promotes an even color when recoloring or toning leaving the hair soft and easy to style. A must have for every  colorist.


Carmen Demi and Permanent Hair Colour

The Science of Absolute Color CARMEN, the 1st permanent hair color that enhances tones and shine. A major industry player for more than 20 years, CARMEN features the benefits of the Reflect Magnetiq System and is available in 109 shades.Offering 100% gray coverage, CARMEN has been the oxidative hair color cream of choice for generations of hair stylists

CARMEN offers enhanced tones, extreme shine, long-lasting hold, 3 times more softness* and a 70% increase in ease of detangling*.


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